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May Contain Food

Award-winning Protein returns with its most playful show to date as four vocalists and four dancers all sing for their supper in a dining setting...

Wed 4 May 2016 7pm


Art Fund Prize Museum of the Year 2016 Logo
Date added: 29 April 2016

Art Fund Prize Museum of the Year 2016: finalists & audio description announced

For the third year running, the Art Fund and VocalEyes will be working together to create audio-described introductions for each of the five finalist...

The 1st audio described performance at The Place will be of May Contain food choreographed for award winning Protein Dance by Luca Silvestrini with music by Orlando Gough.


#onthisday 1912 the statue of Peter Pan was erected in Kensington Gardens. Baroness Greenfield described it for LBS https://t.co/h2wcOGnmYZ

01-May-2016 22:00

"I have been to Les Miserables before without audio-description and this time was able to fully understand the ending of the show and realised that I had missed a very important and emotional moment the first time round. Itís wonderful to go to a show as someone who is visually impaired and know whatís happening on stage."