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community mean in a time of division and separation? Mixing live performance, animation and sound, Assembly looks at the impact of humans on nature and what we might build together…


…unfortunately, is in love with beautiful Partenope. As too are Armindo and Emilio. So naturally, Rosmira dresses up as a man and becomes another of Partenope’s suitors, in order to…


Audio-described by Sightlines. The peers are getting restless and the fairies are in a frenzy. Can the Fairy Queen call Parliament to order? Iolanthe is a brilliantly funny, satirical fantasy,…

I Wanna Be Yours

Audio introduced in-house. “I move clockwise. You move counter clockwise. In the middle we meet. We kiss.” Ella is from Yorkshire. Haseeb is from London. They order a pizza. House…

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