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100 Videos Described

Thanks to a National Lottery Project Grant from Arts Council England, VocalEyes is offering artists and arts organisations a significant discount on film/video audio description services for a limited period. Full details are provided below.

The project aims to provide Audio Description (AD) for 100 films made by artists or arts organisations over the period 3 May to 30 November (deadline extended). The opportunity is limited to one project per individual or organisation. If the average length of the projects submitted is shorter than our estimate, then we will be able to offer discounts to more than 100 projects. To reach the target, we will be limiting the number of longer projects selected.

Lower down this page there is a link to a Google Form through which you can submit your film project for inclusion in 100 Videos Described. We recommend you read the Q&A on this page first.

What is audio description?

Audio description for film / video takes the form of an additional audio track with a narration that provides information about key visual elements for the benefit of blind and visually impaired people. This includes descriptions of people appearing in the film, the setting and action.

What do we get in this opportunity?

A VocalEyes AD for film usually comprises two elements.

  1. An Audio Introduction: an audio track appended to the start of the film, varying in length depending on what is required– from 1 or 2 up to 10 minutes. This usually covers description of people who appear in the film, the setting, and any important information about the visual world of the film.
  2. A secondary audio description track mixed in with the master audio but timed not to interfere with dialogue or important sound from the film. This will typically cover identification of speakers and key action.

In some cases, there is no time or gaps within the film to allow for the audio description track, and the information can all be provided in the Audio Introduction. In other cases, the Audio Introduction is not needed. VocalEyes will advise and agree with the client before starting.

The fee pays for a professional, trained audio describer, who will script and voice the audio description and a sound engineer to ensure good quality sound recording, mixing and processing. We provide a new version of the film (mp4), rather than  a supplementary sound track. Our editorial process for each project includes a blind or visually impaired person reviewing the draft AD before sign off.

How much does it cost / what discount do we get?

Our fees for film/video AD are based on Bands, by length of the project. The shorter the film, the larger the discount. Below are listed the % discount and the discounted fees (i.e what you will pay) for each Band.

  • Band A (up to 15 mins): discounted fee (65%) = £100+VAT
  • Band B (16-30 mins): discounted fee (60%) = £190+VAT
  • Band C (31-45 mins): discounted fee (55%) = £290+VAT
  • Band D (46-60 mins): discounted fee (50%) = £400+VAT
  • Band E (61-75 mins): discounted fee (50%) = £475+VAT
  • Band F (76-90 mins): discounted fee (45%) = £590+VAT

Films that require continuous description (such as for dance or ballet) will be charged at the fee for the next Band up.

Does my film qualify for the 100 Videos Described discount?

You must be a practising professional artist or arts organisation based in England (we will ask for a link to a CV or website)

Your work must be:

  1. An artistic / creative project made in 2021; We will favour work that is in development, but has not already gone live.
  2. Video-based. It may be recorded from a live performance, but live AD of a live stream is not covered by this project).
  3. Under 90 minutes in length.
  4. For online distribution (i.e. not for broadcast/cinema). This could be via your website, YouTube, Vimeo or another online platform. We will select films that are both offered free to view, or charged for.

My film meets all those requirements, can I be certain I will get the discount?

I’m afraid not, we’ve got a fixed grant, and have estimated that we will receive a number of films at different lengths. If we get a lot of requests for films in the longer Bands, we will have to turn some down. Shorter films will have a higher chance of success. We will also give additional weighting to organisations or artists that are providing audio description for the first time, individual artists, smaller and diverse-led organisations.

If my project is selected, what do I need to do?

Each individual or arts organisation will be asked to commit to 6 things to ensure that we can do the best possible job providing audio description for the film, meeting our funding requirements, and supporting blind and visually impaired audiences to enjoy the arts. We ask you to commit to:

  1. Transferring a master video file to agreed timetable;
  2. Giving us direct contact with the filmmaker or a member of the creative team and a commitment that they will answer questions about the film that the audio describer might have, in a timely fashion;
  3. Circulating a short set of questions (via a link to Google Forms) to any people appearing in the film, in order that they can provide us with elements of self-description, and preferences for identification, pronouns, and pronunciation of name. This consultation follows inclusive and ethical best practice as recommended through the Describing Diversity report (2020).
  4. Including the credit line ‘Audio description for [Title] was provided by VocalEyes as part of 100 Videos Described, with the support of an Arts Council England National Lottery Project Grant’
  5. Making the AD version of the film available and promoting it through your website, marketing and social media channels (using #100VideosDescribed). Where YouTube or Vimeo is used, videos must be public and listed.
  6. Providing VocalEyes with usage statistics of the audio-described film up to 1 year after the film goes live.

How do I apply?

Please use this Google Form to submit details about your film project. We will not begin providing the audio description as part of 100 Videos Described until the beginning of May, but we will confirm some of the projects that have been selected during April. Depending on the level of demand, we may need to restrict the selection to a limited number each month. We will try and be mindful of any deadline that you have told us about, but we can’t guarantee response by a certain date at the moment.

Should I get my film captioned too?

Yes! However, this is not included in the discount. We recommend that you contact Stagetext.


Supported using public funding from Arts COuncil England (Lottery funded)