Describing Diversity: recommended reading

Books and reports

Jeffrey Boakye, Black, Listed (2019)

Robin DiAngelo, White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism (2018)

Reni Eddo-Lodge, Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race (2017)

Meg-John Barker, Queer: A Graphic History (2016)

Louise Fryer, An Introduction to Audio Description. A Practical Guide (2016)

Louise Fryer and Amelia Cavallo, Is it Working? Integrated Access Inquiry 2017-18 

Online resources

All About Trans ( a selection of links to useful resources and websites

Describing Words ( Search for anything (nose, eyes, skin, hair, for example) to bring up lists of adjectives from a database of thousands of books.

Radical Copy Editor blog ( “The concept of radical copyediting is based on the fact that language is not neutral. Through language we communicate values, norms, and ideals. Words matter: they can be used to harm or to heal; to perpetuate prejudice or imagine a different world; to oppress or to liberate…. Radical copyediting helps language live up to its most radical potential—serving the ends of access, inclusion, and liberation, rather than maintaining oppression and the status quo.”

Stonewall: glossary of terms (

Theatre Casting Toolkit ( has a range of resources and links, some of which we’ve listed below

Understanding Trans and Non-Binary Casting ( blog post by Jezza Donovan, Gendered Intelligence trainer, mentor and youth worker, and member of Spotlight, offering tips about casting trans and non-binary actors.