VocalEyes and theatre audio description

Theatre audio description aims to achieve inclusion and equality both for those blind and visually impaired theatre-goers for whom description is an essential component of their experience, and for those being described, the actors and the characters they play.

We will:

  1. Try to increase awareness of the purpose of AD among those involved in the process of development, and as far as possible consult with actors and the creatives who develop productions.
  2. Try to be equitable in our description, be aware of our position in society and as describers, and how this might affect how we write our descriptions. We commit to continual improvement of our cultural competency and knowledge of the broadest possible range of groups, cultures and individuals: through study and dialogue.
  3. Always represent the needs of blind and visually impaired people for whom audio description is designed: remaining silent or using vague or ambiguous words does not give the listener an equivalent experience to the non-blind theatre-goer.

The above statement was first published within the report Describing Diversity, and aims to sum up VocalEyes’ ethos about theatre audio description.