Montage of actors performing in Talking Heads

Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads audio introductions

The BBC have recently released new versions of Alan Bennett’s much-loved monologues, with performers including Sarah Lancashire, Martin Freeman, Kristin Scott-Thomas, Jodie Comer and Maxine Peake.

A group of VocalEyes describers have provided an Audio Introduction for each episode, like you would get if they were on stage.

Below each episode is listed, with a link to the AD version on BBC iPlayer, followed by a link to the Audio Introduction here on the VocalEyes website. These audio files are also available in a playlist below, and there are Large Print versions (Arial 16pt in Word) in the Download section at the bottom of the page. The audio introductions were all recorded from home, and sound engineered by Gary Giles. With many thanks to all involved. We hope you enjoy. You may recognise some familiar voices and there are some new ones you’ll be hearing a lot more of when we get back to your favourite theatres.

  1. A Lady of Letters, performed by Imelda Staunton | Audio Introduction by Jo Myers
  2. An Ordinary Woman, performed by Sarah Lancashire | Audio Introduction by Julia Grundy
  3. Soldiering On, performed by Harriet Walter | Audio Introduction by Jane Brambley
  4. Her Big Chance, performed by Jodi Comer | Audio Introduction by Vicky Ackroyd
  5. Playing Sandwiches, performed by Lucian Msamati | Audio Introduction by Di Langford and recorded by Jane Brambley
  6. A Chip in the Sugar, performed by Martin Freeman | Audio Introduction by Trish Hodson, recorded by Andrew Piper
  7. The Outside Dog, performed by Rochenda Sandall | Audio Introduction by Roz Chalmers, recorded by Michael Skellern
  8. Bed Among the Lentils, performed by Lesley Manville | Audio Introduction by Nadine Beasley, recorded by Kate Taylor-Davies
  9. Nights in the Garden of Spain, performed by Tamsin Greig | Audio Introduction by Kerry Elkins, recorded by Roz Chalmers
  10. The Hand of God, performed by Kristin Scott Thomas | Audio Introduction by Timna Fibert
  11. Miss Fozzard Finds Her Feet, performed by Maxine Peake | Audio Introduction by Anne Hornsby
  12. The Shrine, performed by Monica Dolan | Audio Introduction by Emily Pollet, recorded by Vicky Ackroyd


Audio playlist