Describing Diversity survey

VocalEyes, in partnership with Royal Holloway, University of London, is running a research project exploring an important aspect of theatre audio description, and is seeking input from a wide group of people – users of AD, describers, actors and other theatre professionals anywhere in the world. We are interested in people’s opinions about when and how human characteristics, such as race, disability, age, body shape or gender, should be described in our practice.

The survey is now closed. We received responses from over 200 people, roughly equally split between audio description users, audio describers, and other theatre professionals. The research team will be analysing the results over the summer. There will be further interviews in the autumn. We’ve opened comments on this page if anyone wishes to begin a discussion about the subject.

[Image: The all women of colour cast of Shakespeare’s Globe’s Richard II, audio described by VocalEyes earlier this year]


  1. Hello from Denmark, I would be extremely grateful to be informed of the outcome of this survey.
    As an audio describer in Denmark at the national TV for Drama series and documentaries, this information will be of great importance to both the audio describers and the captionists. I would be bringing it up at a meeting for the associated employees. At the moment there is no real dialogue on this issue. Very important. Thank you.
    In Denmark, at the moment there are only captions at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen and no Audio describing or touch tours. This is something I wish to bring to Denmark. As an actress and the narrator of audioguides at several museums, I believe there should definitely be a possibility of added audio description and touch tours at exhibitions, theatre, ballet, and opera performances
    I am doing what I can to research and collect as much information I can, to help these options become a reality.

    I have been on research to Edinburgh and will be joining ADA´s AGM on the 23. of September.
    Should anyone be there and wish to speak to me please connect on LInkeind, phone me or send me an emali.

    All the best and hope to hear from you Laura Kamis Wrang
    M: [email protected] Mob: +4526234582

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