Describing Diversity survey

VocalEyes, in partnership with Royal Holloway, University of London, is running a research project exploring an important aspect of theatre audio description, and is seeking input from a wide group of people – users of AD, describers, actors and other theatre professionals anywhere in the world. We are interested in people’s opinions about when and how human characteristics, such as race, disability, age, body shape or gender, should be described in our practice.

Take the survey online

You can download and complete the survey in a Word document (Describing Diversity Questionnaire Large Print Arial 16 pt). Please note, some of the questions differ depending on your relationship to audio description. If you are answering the survey primarily as an audio describer or theatre professional, and wish to use a Large Print version, please contact us to request an appropriate version. The Large Print version above is intended for respondents who are not audio describers or theatre professionals.

We will be undertaking some more in-depth face-to-face or phone interviews at the next stage of the project. If you feel you have more to say about audio description of human characteristics and diversity, there is a place to indicate this within the questionnaire, and we’ll contact you to discuss.

To submit the Large Print version, or for any enquiries, please email

The deadline for the survey is Wednesday 31 July 2019 5pm.

Please share this page with anyone you think would make a useful contribution.