Interior of Jimi Hendrix bedroom reconstruction, Handel and Hendrix in London

Describing Handel and Hendrix in London

Our Deputy Director Toby Davey took a walk through the bustling streets of central London to visit the home of two great musicians who were only separated by 200 years and a wall.

The house at No. 25 Brook Street was home to the great composer George Frederic Handel (1685-1759) while a flat in No. 23 was home for a couple of years in the late ’60s to the great rock legend Jimmy Hendrix.

At Handel and Hendrix in London Toby met with Claire Davies, Curator, and Head of Learning and Interpretation, and Sean Doherty, Head of Communications, to find out more about Handel and Hendrix, the projects and events they have been running, linked with the RNIB and the recent training in audio description and  visual awareness that VocalEyes ran for their staff.

In this audio feature Claire Davies describes Handel’s bedroom and his bed, while the psychedelic and colourful Hendrix flat is described by Sean. They also discuss what links these two great musicians, and tell us what will be on offer in the near future for blind and partially sighted visitors to Handel and Hendrix.