100% Chance of Rain

It is estimated that one in four people in the UK will experience mental health problems each year. 100% Chance of Rain will explore the individual and universal truths behind the statistics, and also offer the chance to reflect on our own experiences through the creative power of performance.

Combining music, movement and story, inspired and linked by the issues of mental health, this piece will yet again harness the incredible creativity and artistry within Chickenshed. Beautiful, inspiring and uplifiting, 100% Chance of Rain will offer insights and reflections through this unique theatrical presentation.

‘There’s bags of energy and huge amounts of committed talent on display and those elements are enough on their own to carry the enterprise along dynamically and to captivate.’ 4****Act Drop

‘It succeeds in conveying the complex struggles that lead to behaviours such self-harming in a way that makes you want to sit up and pay attention’ 4****My Theatre Goer

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