Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival

This year’s Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival includes a selection of audio-described films . The films are free and available to watch on demand throughout the festival, Thursday 29 April – Monday 3 May. Audio-description was provided by VocalEyes for the following films:

Charlie Chaplin lived here, audio description by Eleanor Margolies

Louise S. Milne, Seán Martin, Scotland, 2021, duration 39 minutes. In 1960s London, Bill Douglas and Charlie Chaplin nearly meet… From the Spotlight programme.

In Vivo, audio description by Clare Le May

Karel Doing, UK, 2021, duration 61 minutes. A new film on love, extinction and destruction… From the Features programme.

Mass, audio description by Timna Fibert

Nadeem Din-Gabisi, UK 2020, duration 14 minutes. As we follow The Seeker, who moves between the city and the sanctuary, MASS carves out the intimate communal spaces and intangible signals that characterise the contemporary Black experience.

Orbital Squares, audio description by Timna Fibert

Moojin Brothers, Republic of Korea, 2020, duration 18 minutes. The obsessive and inefficient eyes of technology: threads tangled around a person, horses galloping on a racing track, a snail slowly crawling along a sculpture engraved with complex mazes.

Sublunary, audio description by Timna Fibert

Mariangela Ciccarello, Philip Cartelli, Italy, 2019. A young woman investigates an island’s geologic specificity, discovering hidden strata where history and memory meet barely submerged narratives of displacement and imaginaries of possible futures.

For these and other audio-described films visit the Alchemy website.