Greenwich + Docklands International Festival – Mystery Bird

Audio described in-house.

Many of us experienced a renewed interest in our natural surroundings during lockdown – discerning birdsong again at a time when the world was quietly held at a temporary standstill. Birds are symbolic of hope and a desire for freedom and engagement with nature are widely recognised as inherently positive for humans – making us feel alive and connected to our fragile eco-system.

This is a promenade piece roaming through the streets of Plumstead and Charlton. This event is primarily for local audiences, but check the festival’s social media on the day for location information.

Event image: At night, a truck carries a giant birdcage illuminated from the inside, displaying shadows against a bright white light. Children smile and clap.

Please note that the audio description for this performance is not delivered by VocalEyes. Every effort has been made to ensure that these details are correct; however, please do double-check with the venue for the availability of introductory notes and touch tours when booking.

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