On a neon yellow background, a smiley face is spray painted in black. Drips of black paint leak down from the blurry image.

House is a Feeling

Audio described in-house.

Immerse yourself in the musical and cultural revolution that swept across Coventry from 1985 to 1993.

A multi-sensory installation with moving images, House is a Feeling gives an immersive insight into the hope, elation and despair of our city’s rave scene during this period, as well as its enduring legacy. 

The exhibition explores the evolution of electronic dance music and emerging youth cultures that put Coventry on the map at a time of heightened social injustice, racism and violence. The city was an early focus of rave culture in the UK and witnessed the birth of its first legal events, ultimately leading to the creation of Amnesia House and The Eclipse Nightclub, the first sanctioned all-night rave club in the UK.

House is a Feeling has been developed and curated by Daylight Robbery in collaboration with artists, DJs and those involved in the scene from the very beginning.  Working with artists to create a series of moving images with interviews and reportage footage, they have produced uncensored accounts tracking the journey of Coventry’s place as one of the epicentres of this global movement.

Daylight Robberies’ work includes a series of audio documentaries focusing on 1980s/90s Coventry, capturing historical moments covering themes of racism and city centre violence.  These feature local people telling stories of their experience. Passionate about documenting individual stories no matter how taboo or uncompromising, the radio documentaries celebrate Coventry’s history and the originality of its people.  House is a Feeling includes new works including ‘No Black in the Union Jack’, ‘Fractured City’, ‘Sound System Coventry’, ‘Racism’ and ‘Graffiti’ from the series, together with newly commissioned pieces.

Event image: On a neon yellow background, a smiley face is spray painted in black. Drips of black paint leak down from the blurry image.

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