La Traviata

Audio Described by VocalEyes.

Violetta is a courtesan at the top of her profession, but she knows that time is running out for her. In a life-changing gamble, she embarks on a romance with Alfredo. It feels too good to be true until she receives a visit from Alfredo’s father, who corners her into a deal that will shatter her happiness.

With Death looking over her shoulder, Violetta deals with the challenges of love, money and moral codes as Verdi’s music finds its way into our souls.

La Traviata on Opera Holland Park’s website

Image description: A realistic cartoon drawing of single bare arms reaching into the centre of the image from the left and right edge of frame. Both forefingers are extended so that they just touch in the very centre of the picture. Immediately behind the hands is a large wooden hour glass with a third of the sand left to run through. The background is black.


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