L’amico Fritz

Audio described by VocalEyes.

Maybe things are just a little too comfortable for Fritz. Plenty of money. Teams of people working for him. Even a violinist whose tunes always cheer him up. He is convinced that marriage is not for him. Suzel would like to change his mind, but Fritz won’t get the hint. Could it be time for the local rabbi to step in and help things along?

L’amico Fritz is a feel-good romantic comedy set amidst cherry orchards and vineyards by the composer of Cavalleria rusticana, showing us his gentler side and reminding us what friends are for.

L’amico Fritz on the Opera Holland Park website

Image Description: A drawing with clean lines and block colours. A green semi-circle rises up from the bottom of the image to indicate a hill top. Two darker splodges of green indicate the roots of a tree sprouting from near its peak. The tree’s foilage creates a heart shape and is made up of areas of three different shades of green with some small black and red fruit dotted around. Directly behind the tree is a setting sun in orange and the sky is a uniform yellow.

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