Mischief Movie Night In (livestream)

Audio described by VocalEyes

You decide the genre, the location, and the title – and remember, every performance is a completely different show!

Sit back and relax in the comfort of your own sofa and enjoy a completely different show every night, performed and streamed direct from London’s Riverside Studios.

Run time: 6- minutes with no interval.

Event image: The back of a red sofa with a mum, dad and two kids facing away from us and up at an old style cinema listing sign that reads “Mischief Movie Night In” with another sign sellotaped to the bottom saying “We’re live on stage, you’re live from” The words “your sofa” are crossed out and the word “anywhere” scribbled in. To the left of the sofa is a cocktail and a fallen bag of popcorn spilling on the floor. To the right is an open takeaway pizza box.



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