From the Austerity Museum, a picture of a very thin, older man wrapped in a duvet on a judge's table in a courtroom. His bare feet poke out from his meager cover as he sleeps in front of three empty leather-bound chairs. 

Museum of Austerity

Museum of Austerity is a mixed reality exhibition that preserves memories of public and private events from the austerity era.

Room 1 of the exhibition, previewing at London Film Festival, records personal stories of disabled benefit claimants who died between 2010-2020. Combining verbal testimony, original music and ground-breaking volumetric capture, this exhibition invites audiences to contemplate close-up the human impact of austerity.

Co-produced by English Touring Theatre, the National Theatre Storytelling Studio and Trial & Error, this powerful installation combines the skills of theatre/XR director Sacha Wares with the in-depth knowledge of John Pring, editor of Disability News Service.

Running Time: 30 minutes

Content Warning

This production includes Holographic depictions of: death and mental distress
Audio references to: death, including suicide; domestic violence; alcoholism; self harm; eating disorders; mental distress; dementia.

Age Recommendation: 18+


The experience includes the use of HoloLens 2 Mixed Reality headsets and on-ear headphones. Audiences will be able to experience Museum of Austerity with the following options:

  • Filtered content
  • Audio described version
  • Captioned version
  • Dialogue only version
  • Silent version
  • Large over-ear headphones which can encompass a behind-ear hearing aid
  • A volume control allowing independent reduction of the volume in the left or right ear
  • A 3.5mm mini-jack socket if you have a direct input cable for your hearing aid
  • A personal induction loop if you have a hearing aid with a T-setting

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Museum of Austerity is previewing at LFF as a work-in-progress. If you have any suggestions about these options or any suggestions about how we can improve the accessibility of Museum of Austerity please email [email protected] – we would be glad to answer your questions and/or hear your suggestions.


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