Tantra: Enlightenment to revolution

Join VocalEyes describer Lonny Evans and the exhibition curator for a tour of Tantra: enlightenment to revolution.

Tantra is an ancient philosophy and set of practices originating in India that privileges the feminine and opened up new ways of seeing the world as a source of limitless power; it transformed South Asia’s major religions, challenged society’s norms, inspired revolution and, from the 20th century onward, has been re-imagined as a means of liberating society from convention.

Meet at the Information Desk.

Image description: ‘Figure of Kālī striding over recumbent Śiva. Her necklace is formed of several skulls, while in her hand she carries a further gory trophy. Her earrings are made of children’s bodies. Her crown is of a specifically Bengali type, made of painted and gilded clay.’

A first tour will take place on Thursday 30 April, 2.30pm.

Booking contact number 020 7323 8971 Booking contact email access@britishmuseum.org


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