The Christmas Goblin

Audio described by VocalEyes.

The Christmas Goblin is a musical adventure of irresistible songs, banging Christmas glitter ball costumes and heartfelt festive cheer by acclaimed gig theatre makers Brigitte Aphrodite & Quiet Boy.

11-year-old ‘Daphne’ embarks on an other-worldly musical tale when her magical Yaya in Athens tells her of the ancient Greek myth of ‘Kallikantzaroi’ (The Christmas Goblin) causing Daphne to accidentally unleash these fabulously mischievous, grotesque creatures on the streets of a snow-covered Canterbury. Goblins are mean, nasty, brussel sprout smelling, untrustworthy things… or are they?

Event image: A cartoon drawing of a little girl playing a guitar. She has long black hair tied with a big pink ribbon. Behind her is a landscape of trees, fireworks and city buildings. And, reaching over the tallest building, is the gruesome shape of a goblin, arms outstretched towards the girl and eyes glowing red. The girl is giving the goblin a little smile.

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