Trainers, or the Brutal Unpleasant Atmosphere of this Most Disagreeable Season: a Theatrical Essay

Audio described in-house.

France. Sometime In The 1500s. Boy Meets Boy.

Etienne and Montaigne spend six hot years together. Hot like intellectually hot. Or other Hot. Which is my preference. Then, because it’s the late 1500s and public health was not yet a thing, Etienne falls gravely ill with dysentery and dies aged 33.

Montaigne is just 30 at that point. He lives for another 30 years and never feels that passion again.

Hundreds of years in the future The Second American Civil War has transformed the country.

And two queer radicals meet in the fallout. But can their desire survive a revolution?

Trainers… a brand new play by Sylvan Oswald, asks what separates us from each other, our bodies and ourselves, and how we might complete one another. This queer visionary adventure story explores the different ways we can be lovers and activists and humans and what it takes to train for a revolution.

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