LGBT History Month: Uncovering hidden histories with audio description

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) History Month is celebrated in February each year across the UK.  The LGBT History Month website contains many valuable resources for use during this month and throughout the year. VocalEyes has recently been involved in the production of one of these resources: an LGBT history wallchart.

The title of the wallchart is Voices and Visibility: Uncovering hidden histories. It was developed by an organisation called the Forum for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Equality in Further and Higher Education (The Forum). The working group included representatives from trade unions UCU, UNISON and PCS, the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and LGBT History month.

The wallchart covers the history of the LGBT movement in the UK. It highlights important legal milestones in the struggle for LGBT equality.  It also identifies visible and significant contributions to the struggle made by individuals, groups and particularly the labour movement.

The wallchart can support people raising awareness of sexual orientation and gender identity equality and diversity. The organisers were keen to ensure the wallchart was accessible to blind and partially sighted people, and approached VocalEyes to help. A description was written by describer Roz Chalmers. The description was then recorded by Sue Sanders, educator, activist and co-founder of LGBT History Month.

At the bottom of this page is a playlist of audio recordings. The first is an audio description of the wallchart as a whole, though it only describes a selection of the featured individuals, and only includes a sample of the legal timeline. To cover the full content of the wallchart we have also provided short tracks with details of the 27 individuals featured and description of the photographs of them used on the wallchart. Three Word documents (using Arial 16 pt) are also attached. The first is a transcript of the audio description of the wallchart. The second contains the details and description of the 27 individuals. The third contains the full text of the legal timeline on the wallchart.

More information about the wallchart on the LGBT History Month website

Download the wallchart, low res version (PDF 6.5MB)

Download the wallchart, high res version (PDF, 28 MB)

Audio playlist