tray of roasted vegetables

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

tray of roasted vegetables
Sally Booth, Taking out the Roasted Veg, December 2021


This year’s image is based on a pencil crayon, acrylic and oil pastel painting on paper by Sally Booth, artist, VocalEyes trainer and creative workshop leader extraordinaire. Sally describes her painting:

“It shows a large baking tray of colourful hot roasted vegetables. The tray is viewed from above and takes up most of the picture. It is black, rectangular and slightly battered and wonky with rounded corners and a rim.  On the tray are strewn a haphazard jumble of root vegetables.

Bright orange wiggly carrots cooked whole with pointy ends, knobbly parsnips in their skins, all yellow and honey gold, red onions chopped lengthways into large chunks to reveal layers of caramelising stripes of magenta and purple. The roasted vegetables contrast brightly against the bottom of the black tray.

The tray is being held either side by a pair of  heavy-duty black oven gloves. The thick thumbs of the mitten style gloves clutch the sides of the tray and the long black sleeves are cropped by the bottom of the picture. This composition suggests that it is the viewer who is wearing the gloves and holding the tray.

The background of the picture is painted purple violet. The gloves are outlined crudely with thick orangey red pastel. The rim of the tray has a rusty orange glow. This emphasizes a sense of heat, and contrasts with the purple background. It is as if the baking tray of piping hot vegetables has just that moment been taken out of the oven.”

Whatever you eat on Christmas Day, may it be as scrumptious!

Wishing you a warm, safe and healthy Christmas and New Year, from everyone at VocalEyes.

Matthew, Anna, Elizabeth, Jess, Michael and Marina

Discover more of Sally’s work on her website, or on Instagram at @sallyboothartist