A traditional wood burning stove burns brightly, giving off a yellow glow with orange flames

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A traditional wood burning stove burns brightly, giving off a yellow glow with orange flames
Wood burning stove, Cornwall, Christmas 2020.
Pen and watercolour on paper, A4 landscape format. By VocalEyes artist Sally Booth.

We wish you the warmest season’s greetings and a big thank you for your support during this difficult year.

The image above is by Sally Booth, artist, VocalEyes trainer and creative workshop leader extraordinaire. Sally also wrote the description below.

We are in a small dark room in Cornwall.  The background is a wall of exposed granite, with large, chunky stones of dull mottled grey. On the left hand side of the picture stands a traditional wood burning stove. It is slim and sturdy, standing on metal legs. The outline of the stove has been drawn in black, and it’s dark steel body is shown here in washes of purply blacks.

It has a squarish glass door at the front, with metal hinges and a curved top. Behind the glass, and the focal point of the picture, the fire is lit.  It burns brightly with a warm yellow glow. Orange flames lick around two lumps of wood as they burn, charred black as coal. It lights up the room. A row of sharp points of the grate are silhouetted black against the hot flames inside the bottom of the door. To the right of the wood burner, and butted up against it, is a large pile of chopped wood and logs, painted here in browns and black line, with little detail. The stack is high, nearly reaching the top of the side of the stove, and takes up most of the right hand side of the picture. On the far right of the pile, looking like a hand, is draped a pink heavy duty glove, fingers upwards. This glove is used to open the door and add more logs to the hot fire.

Sally Booth, December 2020. Discover more of Sally’s work on her website, or Instagram @sallyboothartist.

With all our best wishes, and here’s to 2021!
Matthew, Anna, Elizabeth, Jess, Marina and Michael, and the rest of the VocalEyes team