Backpacks with multi-sensory toys and resources

Museum Access Pledge

The State of Museum Access 2018 report reveals that around 1 in 5 (19%) of the websites of accredited UK museums provide no access information at all, and many of those that do provide little information of use to millions of disabled people.

Each museum presents its own unique challenges and barriers to potential visitors, and we appreciate that not all museums will be able to provide all the access facilities, services or resources recommended in the report, and that budgets and staffing capacity vary hugely across venues. However, providing informative and accurate access information online is straightforward to implement and can have a significant impact.

We therefore ask museums to make the following pledge:

  1. We will seek to proactively address barriers within our museum for people with disabilities.
  2. We will encourage people with disabilities to visit our museum by ensuring that detailed access information is provided on our website
  3. We will enable potential visitors to decide for themselves whether to visit
  4. We will use welcoming and inclusive language to communicate directly with disabled visitors and encourage them to contact us and give feedback on their visit

If you want to help close the disability engagement gap, and ensure everyone is welcome at the UK’s museums, galleries and heritage sites, then take the pledge by adding your museum to the comments below, and share on Twitter with #MuseumAccessPledge

Image: Sensory backpacks at the National Museum of Scotland