Theatre and performing arts

Some FAQs:

How much do you charge to deliver an audio-described performance for a production in my theatre?

This is dependent on several factors: how many performances will be described, whether we have described the show before (and if so, how recently), whether the venue have its own technical equipment or whether our engineer will be required to install it. Please call 020 7375 1043 or contact our Theatre Programme Manager ( for further details and a full quote.

How early should I book an audio description from VocalEyes?

We would recommend you book well in advance so that you can market the service effectively; this will also enable the performance(s) to be included in our newsletter and on our website. We can give you advice about appropriate ways of direct marketing to your blind and partially sighted audience.

What do the describers need in order to develop a description script?

They’ll need tickets to view the production, an up-to-date copy of the script and a DVD of the production, shot from a single camera angle – face on to the stage. They’ll also need a programme to help them write their introductory notes. If it’s possible to allow them brief access to the set at their initial visit, that will also help them to develop their material. Our describers have a dry run, normally the day before the described performance, when they give each other editorial notes and fine-tune their script. At that point they’ll need another DVD to check their rewrites against any changes in timing or action.

Do I need audio description equipment in place?

Not necessarily. For an additional fee we are able to provide full technical equipment and support. This will be installed and monitored during the performance by the VocalEyes technician. We may also be able to hire out items of equipment, such as audience headsets, mixer desks and describer headsets with microphones, to augment what you already have in place. If you’re not sure what’s required, please contact our Theatre Programme Manager, Michael Kenyon (