Audio description services for digital theatre

As well as our services for audio description of live performances, VocalEyes also offers a service for digital / recorded productions.

If VocalEyes provided the audio description for the production when it was performed live, we will involve the same audio describers in the preparation of the AD for the video. The creation of the audio track will, for the duration of the Covid-19 lockdown, be made using home recording equipment. When possible in future, recordings will be done in a professional studio.

We provide an audio track to be added to the master video, so you can make available an AD version of the show online.

We will create an edited version of the Audio Introduction (audio and Word format), sometimes known as the Introductory Notes, for each production, and promote the show through our website, newsletter and social media.

We also offer audio description services for recorded productions that were not audio-described when on stage.

To discuss and get a quote, please contact Matthew Cock, Chief Executive.