State of Theatre Access

IN Spring 2019, a team of 21 volunteer researchers visited hundreds of websites belonging to theatres across the UK: focusing on those that listed at least one upcoming professional performing arts production. State of Theatre Access 2019 published Thursday 17 October 2019, reports on the findings of this survey.

The first section of the report seeks to raise awareness of the importance of having access information on a theatre’s website, something that just over a quarter (26%) of UK theatres fail to do. We provide a checklist of essential information that all venues should have, and information about best practice in location, structure and formats.

The second section provides a snapshot of the access services being provided in UK theatres to enable as many people as possible to experience and enjoy the performing arts. The key finding here is that only around 3 in 10 (29%) of UK theatres list one or more access services for an upcoming production.

State of Theatre Access 2019

State of Theatre Access 2017