Visual awareness training for customer-facing staff

We run sessions of between 2 and 4 hours for up to twenty staff members combining both training and a brief access audit for the venue – making use of our specialist theatre knowledge.

The sessions are led by a blind or partially sighted awareness trainer and an audio describer. They begin by covering the following topics:

  • The different eye conditions people may have.
  • Practical guiding, including stairs and doorways.
  • Etiquette around talking with and about people who are blind or partially sighted.
  • Guide Dogs: what they do, their relationship to their owner and how to care for them.
  • Touch Tours: what they are and how to run a successful one.
  • Audio description: what it is and how it is delivered.

Staff will be encouraged to employ what they have just learned. They will consider the journey a blind or partially sighted person undertakes at the venue, from box office, to bar/cafe, toilets and auditorium. They will also look at specific issues such as collecting audio description headsets and being shown how they work; and how to escort someone on a touch tour. As well as re-affirming participants’ learning in practice, this exercise will highlight where your venue is already working well for blind and partially sighted audience members, and identify areas where there is still room for improvement.

For further information or to book a course please contact Matthew Cock, our Chief Executive on  [email protected]