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Short survey: QR codes and short number SMS services

We’re running a short survey seeking the opinion of blind and visually impaired people about the use of QR codes and short number SMS services.

QR codes have recently been widely introduced across the UK to enable people to check in to venues with the NHS Track and Trace app. Many museums use them or are considering using them for exhibition content. We are interested in whether QR codes are an accessible means of accessing recorded Audio Description.

The survey has 13 questions, which are mainly yes/no or multiple choice. There are two questions where you can write freely about your thoughts and opinions. VocalEyes will publish summary results and extracts from the free text responses on our website. We do not ask for, and will not share any information that could result in an individual being identified.

Take the survey (Google Forms)

Contact us if you would prefer to take the survey by phone or via a Word document.