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The Interval, #23, accessible culture online

Welcome to The Interval (#23), the weekly round-up of audio-described culture online.

VocalEyes and Audio Description Association theatre survey

VocalEyes and the Audio Description Association (ADA) have teamed up to run a survey of users of theatre audio description either at venues or online. Its purpose is to help both VocalEyes and ADA members advise the venues that we work with how best to support audio description users in future.

The survey has questions about visiting theatres as they re-open, and live-streamed and recorded theatre online. There are 30 questions in total, but all are optional. Most are multiple choice, with the option to add comments. It will probably take you about 20 minutes to complete. We’d be really grateful for your help. We’ve provided alternative ways of taking the survey, through SurveyMonkey, and a Word version which you can submit by email.

Take the Survey (SurveyMonkey)

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Tate St Ives Audio Description films

VocalEyes describers recently scripted audio description for three works of art at Tate St Ives. Each description was recorded and a video made with close ups of the artwork. A transcript is also available.

White and Yellow by Marlow Moss, with audio description by Clare Le May

Loveday and Ann by Frances Hodgkins, with audio description by Bridget Crowley

Two Forms (Divided Circle) by Dame Barbara Hepworth, with audio description by Lonny Evans



Graeae Theatre Company’s Spasticus Autisticus Zoom Reunion 2020 (audio-described, duration: 4 minutes 45 seconds)

To mark the 8th anniversary of the London 2012 Paralympic opening ceremony, and in support of the Disability Arts Alliance’s #WeShallNotBeRemoved campaign, members of the cast and creative team from past productions of Graeae’s Reasons to be Cheerful have come together to record a very special recording of the Ian Dury and The Blockheads’ hit Spasticus Autisticus from the show. Produced by Graeae, the video features over 30 artists formerly involved with the show in some capacity, including Graeae patrons Jemima Dury and Mat Fraser (drummer in 2010 production) and director Jenny Sealey.

Wrongsemble, Rapunzel, by Mike Kenny. For children aged 3+ years and their families

A story about a girl placed high-up in a tower… Curious about the world below, and what lies beyond the horizon, Rapunzel is ready for her biggest adventure yet…growing up!  A really lovely children’s show with a few twists, which is Wrongsemble’s thing, and although there’s lots to see, the story is easy to follow without description.


Partition by Nick Ahad, (duration: 46 minutes), a radio play commissioned for the 70th Anniversary of Partition in 2017, and re-released as part of South Asian Heritage Month (August).

Story-telling Workshop

Finding Your Power: Storytelling with a Strong Lady, Zoom workshop, Tuesday 15 September 2020

After almost 20 years performing feats-of-strength as a circus Strong Lady, in her new show POWER (Lawrence Batley Theatre, Hudderfield), Charmaine Childs is using her strength and circus physicality to tell you stories.

In this storytelling workshop, Charmaine will guide you in identifying an experience in your life where you found strength and felt powerful. You will then be supported in crafting these experiences into stories through storytelling techniques and tips. You will have the chance to share your story with the other workshop participants.

The aim of the workshop is not only that you feel seen and will reframe yourself as powerful – but that by engaging with the stories of others we help to build a sense of connection and respect, sparking deeper conversations and stronger community bonds.

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