The Fisherman, From the series A Myth of Two Souls, Vasantha Yogananthan

The Interval, #41

Welcome to The Interval, edition 41. Another week’s lockdown listing: accessible arts and culture online.

Featured event

The Photographer’s Gallery, Slow Looking: Vasantha Yogananthan, Saturday 6 February, 3pm. Free, on Zoom

The event features three photographs by artist Vasantha Yogananthan live audio described by Caroline Dawson.

Read the article on the VocalEyes website: Opening Up: Online audio description and discussion during the pandemic. Championing photography for everyone, find out how The Photographer’s Gallery made their accessible Slow Looking sessions available online during the pandemic.

Watch/listen Anytime

VocalEye Almost Live, YouTube videos from our friends in Canada

Virtual Tour: Roedde House (1 hour, 50 minutes). Learn about this hidden gem, the home built for Gustav Roedde, one of Vancouver’s first bookbinders, and his family. Designed by famed architect Francis Rattenbury, the house has been fully restored and furnished reflecting late Victorian family life. The description starts at 17mins into the video and you can listen to the audience Q&A at 1 hour, 27mins.

Virtual Tour: Kent Monkman’s Shame and Prejudice (2 hours 40 minutes). Taking you on a journey through the past 150 years of Canada, reclaiming and reinserts Indigenous voices into the collective memory of the country, challenging and shattering colonial ideas of Canada’s history.

National Theatre of Scotland, Future Perfect (Tense), audio described, YouTube 15 minutes.

What if you could have a phone call with your future self to see if you are making the right decisions in life? One woman finds out it’s less reassuring than she hoped in this witty short play.

Scottish Opera Short Film, The Narcissistic Fish, audio described, YouTube 16 minutes

A phone call during a busy shift in the restaurant kitchen of The Narcissistic Fish sparks a war between the owner Angus and his brother Kai. As they argue over their dead father, talented and underpaid chef Belle has a revelation of

Our Time at Last, African Burial Ground National Monument, audio described, YouTube 22 minutes

This programme details the history of the African Burial Ground in New York. Dating from the mid-1630s to 1795, the Burial Ground is the United States’ earliest and largest African burial ground rediscovered to date.

Podcast: Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin

Listen to actor Alec Baldwin interviewing artists, policy makers and performers, to find out the things we really want to know about them! Latest episode features Mick Fleetwood, drummer from Fleetwood Mac.

Disability Arts Online, Gaele Sobott: Earthly

Gaele Sobott is a writer and producer living in Sydney, Australia. The selection of poems features are  part of a collection Gaele is developing under the working title ‘Earthly’.

Judi Dench: In my mind’s eye I’m six foot and willowy and about 39.

In this Guardian article, Judi Dench talks about her life in lockdown, theatrical ghosts and not being a National Treasure.

Online Musicals quiz, Test your knowledge to find out how well you know your musicals with this lyrics quiz.

Keep Active

Touch Down Dance – Wake Up Shake Up, audio-described exercise, YouTube, 15 minutes

Wake up your body with this audio described exercise video which can be done either seated or standing.

Sense Active Exercise Through Dance, for children, Every Thursday, 4.00-4.45pm. Free, Zoom

Shake and move to pop music with MJ from ParaDance. Take part seated or standing.

AD on TV

Here’s a selection of TV programmes coming up this week with audio description.

Thursday 28 January

Inside the Human Body. BBC2, 2pm

63 Up. ITV, 10.45pm

Katie Price: Harvey and Me. BBC1, 11.45pm

Friday 29 January

Back in Time for the Corner Shop. BBC2, 7pm

Garden Rescue. BBC1, 7.35pm

It’s a Sin. Channel 4, 9pm

Saturday 30 January

Film Independence Day. Channel 4, 6.20pm

Film Pirates of the Caribbean. Salazar’s Revenge BBC1, 6.50pm

Film The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies. ITV, 10.55pm

Sunday 31 January

Film Bumblebee. Channel 4, 4.30pm

Grayson’s Art Club Get Creating. Channel 4, 7pm

Monday 1 February

The Mallorca Files. BBC1, 1.45pm

The Drowning. Channel 5, 9pm

Cornwall The Fishing Life. BBC2, 9pm

Tuesday 2 February

Secret Safari Into the Wild. Channel 4, 8pm

Joanna Lumley Home Sweet Home. ITV, 9pm

Wednesday 3 February

Film Breathe. BBC2, 9pm

Grand Designs. Channel 4, 9pm

Britain’s most expensive Home: Building for a Billionaire. Channel 4 10pm.

You may also like these programmes from BBC iPlayer:

Secrets of the Museum

Unique arts series venturing behind the scenes of the world-famous Victoria and Albert museum.

Inside the Bat Cave

Cutting edge night vision cameras reveal the hidden life of great horseshoe bat roost.

Mark Kermode’s Secrets of Cinema

Revealing the film making tricks and techniques behind classic movie genres.

UK Disability Survey

The Disability Unit at Cabinet Office is developing a national strategy for disabled people and has launched the UK Disability Survey to hear from as many people as possible. They are particularly keen to hear from disabled people, their carers, friends, and family, but views from the wider public are also very welcome. The survey will remain open until 23rd April. All views will be used to shape the delivery of the plans set out in the Strategy. The Disability Unit has tried to make sure the survey is as accessible as possible. It is available in Easy Read, BSL and written responses can be sent to: [email protected]. A braille version is available on request, and blind or partially sighted people, who are having difficulty filling in the online survey can email RNIB for advice or support.

Image: The Fisherman, From the series A Myth of Two Souls – AMMA, 2013, Vasantha Yogananthan, described as part of The Photographers’ Gallery’s Slow Looking Event.