Primavera by Sandro Botticelli, painted around late 1470s. A group of figures from classical mythology in a garden. In the centre of the image there is Venus and Cupid; to the right, Flora, Chloris and Zephyru; and to the left, the Three Graces and Mercury. 

The Interval #55

Welcome to The Interval #55, VocalEyes weekly listings of accessible online arts and culture. We are delighted that theatres, museums and heritage venues will be reopening from Monday 17th May. So, we will be giving a final round of applause as the curtain closes on The Interval and welcoming back VocalEyes What’s On!

We would like to hear from you about the content of the new What’s On emails. While venues are still getting back on their feet, we will continue to include a mix of online and in-person events. But please, let us know if you still want us to include a weekly AD on TV section? Comment or reply to this email with your thoughts.


Upcoming online events

LipService: Chateau Ghoul – interactive comedy show. Saturday 8th May, 7pm and 8:30pm. Audio-described, tickets from £15, on Zoom. Approx. 50mins. Book tickets from Oldham Coliseum’s website.

Chateau Ghoul is East Yorkshire’s go to boutique hotel offering themed weekends. The only trouble is the guests keep dying. “We scare the living daylights out of you and then you get to make an origami windmill.”

Exhibition: Anikó Kuikka Sun Aikas Koittaa / Your Dawn Will Come. Until 22 May 2021, Fiumano Clase Gallery, London. Free, book tickets on Eventbrite.

Royal Academy graduate, Anikó Kuikka explores of a primordial fear of death, counterbalanced by the hope of rebirth. Visitors will be led through the exhibition centred around a single channel moving image projection accompanied by an audio guide. The combination of sound, touch and smell embraces visitors passing through the installation, not simply relying on our vision to experience the work. In a world where the visual sense can be overloaded and our other senses subdued, Kuikka’s installation brings other senses to the fore to expand our experience of the world around us.

Croydon Vision: Facebook Live events. Thursdays at 4pm.

Join Croydon Vision’s live events every Thursday at 4pm.

  • 6th May – Eye health and bursting myths about your eyes
  • 13th May – A thought: Diversity, Race & Generations. Join the conversation.
  • 20th May – Your House, Your Gym! Create your own circuit training at home.
  • 27th May – Sizzle ‘N’ Quiz. Learn a new recipe and join in the fun quiz.

Virtually Eastbourne: Back to life back to reality. Friday 7th and Saturday 8th May, free on Zoom.

Join the team for another fantastic virtual event including an evening of visually impaired and blind cabaret performers, a cooking demonstration session, raffle prizes and disco with visually impaired DJ Jorgan Hansan. Register to receive Zoom joining details.

Eye Matter: VI social and comedy evening. Tuesday 11th May, 6-8pm. On Zoom.

An hour social followed by a Comedy Extravaganza. Aaron Simmonds – Disabled Coconut, performing his almost award winning 2019 Edinburgh Festival show. For more information call Suzie on 07523266421 or email [email protected]. Join on Zoom.


Watch/Listen Anytime

Unreel Films: Without A Mirror. Audio described YouTube video, 13mins.

A short documentary of the true story of a blind woman who learns to dance ballet and discovers the freedom of movement along the way.

Black Country Living Museum, Access Heritage: Sugar Plums and Sherbet. YouTube, 9mins.

Explore the history of confectionery, find out how childhood favourites were once made, and some of the more questionable ingredients that were once mixed into Victorian sweets such as crushed up beetles!

Smashing Records on Resonance 104.4 FM, Celebrating Stress Awareness month. Radio programme, approx. 30mins.

Listen to interviews with visually impaired and disabled people to celebrate April’s stress awareness month. The show is broadcast every Thursday at 4pm and supported by Disability Advice Service Lambeth (DASL).

BBC In Touch, Can’t See Will Cook: Cod Eleanor. Audio, 11mins.

Ian Macrae who is visually impaired shows Richard Lane how to make a tasty Cod Eleanor with stir-fry Mediterranean vegetables. He also shares Some great gadget tips.

British Council Arts, Europe Beyond Access: four duets spanning four countries. Audio-described, YouTube 3mins.

Duets bringing together disabled and non-disabled dancers from Sweden, Greece, Italy and The Netherlands. This trailer video gives a stunning insight into each of these four duets.

National Theatre of Scotland, Scenes for Survival: The Maids Room. Audio-described, YouTube, 12mins.

A chilling supernatural tale in which an isolated B&B landlord questions if the violent haunting he is seeing is real after all.

Filament Theatre: Earth Makes No Sound. Audio-described, YouTube, 22mins.

Watch the Digital remake Film of Earth Makes No Sound, audio described by Jenni Elbourne.

TNF Soundings: Botticelli’s Primavera. Audio, approx. 3mins.

Listen to a short description of the famous Spring painting Primavera by Botticelli, with words written by art historian Lynne Gibson MA.


AD on TV

Our weekly selection of TV programmes with AD. Please note that programmes are subject to change, correct at time of publication.

Thursday 6th May

Cold War and Cinema, Sky Arts, 9pm

Ian Wright: Home Truths, BBC1, 9pm

The Warner Saga, Sky Arts, 10pm

Agatha Christie Vs Poirot, Sky Arts, 11pm

Film, Up in the Air, BBC2, 11.30pm

Friday 7th May

Discovering Film: Joan Fontaine, Sky Arts, 6pm

Emmylou Harris: From a Deeper Well, BBC4, 9pm

This Time with Alan Partridge, BBC1, 9.30pm

Saturday 8th May

Too Young to Die: John Belushi, Sky Arts, 6.05pm

Film, Liar Liar, ITV2, 7.15pm

Film, Knocked Up, ITV2, 9pm

Film, Den of Thieves, Channel 4, 9pm

Sunday 9th May

Film, Catch Me If You Can, BBC2, 4.45pm

Film, Spectre, ITV, 8pm

Britain’s Pompeii: A Village Lost in Time, BBC4, 8pm

Film, World War Z, E4, 9pm

The Pursuit of Love, BBC1, 9pm

Monday 10th May

Nigellissima, BBC2, 7pm

Three Families, BBC1, 9pm

The Queen and her Cousins with Alexander Armstrong, ITV, 9pm

Gettys: The World’s Richest Art Dynasty, BBC4, 9pm

Tuesday 11th May

Doublecross: The True Story of the D Day Spies, BBC4, 9pm

Three Families, BBC1, 9pm

Code Breakers: Bletchley Parks Lost Heroes, BBC4, 10pm

Dante and the Invention of Hell, Sky Arts, 10.50pm

Wednesday 12th May

Skies Above Britain, BBC4, 8pm

Trevor MacDonald and Charlene White: Has George Floyd Changed Britain, ITV, 9pm

Blitz: The Bombs that Changed Britain, BBC4, 9pm

Danny Boy, BBC2, 9pm


Quiz answers

How well did you do in last week’s quiz? Here are the answers:

  1. Which Oscar-winning musical is getting a 2020 remake courtesy of Steven Spielberg? West Side Story.
  1. Tracy Turnblad and Link Larkin are characters in which film turned stage musical? Hairspray.
  1. Which musical penned by Lin-Manuel Miranda tells the story of one of America’s founding fathers? Hamilton.
  1. Which actors played Sebastian and Mia in La La Land? Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.
  1. In Mamma Mia, how many dads does lead character Sophie have and can you name them? Three – Sam, Bill and Harry.
  1. What’s the name of Bill Sykes’ dog in Oliver? Bullseye.
  1. Which character was played by Renee Zellweger in the film adaptation of Chicago? Roxie Hart.
  1. Who played the title role in the film adaptation of The Phantom Of The Opera? Gerard Butler
  2. Which musical features a song which begins with the line ‘Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes’? Rent.
  3. Cats was based on the work of which famous poet? T. S. Eliot.


Image description: Primavera by Sandro Botticelli, painted around late 1470s. A group of figures from classical mythology in a garden. In the centre of the image there is Venus and Cupid; to the right, Flora, Chloris and Zephyru; and to the left, the Three Graces and Mercury.