Twenty Twenty: Young Vic Taking Part films

A year-long project with Blackfriars Settlement, Certitude and Thames Reach.

In November 2019, Young Vic Taking Part announced TWENTY TWENTY, a year-long collaboration with Blackfriars Settlement, Certitude and Thames Reach, three community organisations working in Lambeth and Southwark. The project was launched to foster in-depth creative relationships with people in our local community.

Each of the groups in our partner organisations worked with a director and writer, with a focus on enhancing creative skills and building a community company.

The groups developed three new plays which were set to be performed by Young Vic community companies at the theatre at the end of 2020, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic these became films.

Watch the audio-described versions of the films via the following links. Each film is preceded by a short introduction. These audio descriptions were scripted and voiced by Eleanor Margolies and Miranda Yates.

Twenty Twenty: Tapestry
Film in partnership with Certitude.

A group come together to form a community choir, and work towards their first ever competitive performance. With a sprinkle of magic, unlikely bonds begin to form as they sing, eat biscuits and quietly alter each other’s lives forever. Tapestry is a heart-warming story about love, loss and letting go.

This inspiring film about the beauty of friendship was written by Nessah Muthy (Small Wonders) for the community participants of Certitude, a leading provider of support to people who have learning disabilities, autism, mental health support needs and their families and carers. Directed by Audrey Sheffield (We Too Are Giants), the film holds the inspirational essence and kindness of the cast members at its centre.

This film contains references to suicide and mental health issues.

Twenty Twenty: Even At Our Age
Film in partnership with Blackfriars Settlement.

Imagine a world where you can take your power back and use all the things perceived as your disadvantage, for your good…

The host of Even At Our Age, Saturday night TV’s sensational matchmaking show, disappears. Four of the gameshow contestants are interrogated. What entails is a hilarious murder mystery, as the contestants reclaim their strength and power from a patronising, dismissive society.

This dark and mischievous take on gameshows and secret societies was written by Tolani Shoneye (My White Best Friend) for members of Blackfriars Settlement’s Positive Ageing group. Directed by Jade Lewis (Quarter Life Crisis, Superhoe), the film reflects the enthusiasm, bravery and creativity of its cast members.

Twenty Twenty: Home(Body)
Film in partnership with Thames Reach.

Minute by minute, hour by hour and day to day they live their lives.
Caught up in their own separate bubbles of their existence.
Until one day everything grinds to a halt.
Almost as if by magic…

Welcome to the world as you haven’t seen it but ought to know it… Welcome to the wonderful and weird world of Home(body).

This heart-warming, and at times chaotic, tale was written by Jasmine Lee-Jones (seven methods of killing kylie jenner, Curious…) for a group of participants from Thames Reach, a charity supporting people facing homelessness through prevention, intervention and recovery. Directed by Milli Bhatia (seven methods of killing kylie jenner, Dismantle This Room), the film’s themes are inspired by its extraordinary cast – including their love of food!

This film contains some strong language.