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Birmingham Repertory Theatre

Access information

The address of  Birmingham Repertory Theatre is Centenary Square, Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2EP.

Centenary Square is located off Broad Street which is the main bar and clubbing district in Birmingham. Next door is the International Convention Centre known as the ICC, and Symphony Hall. The central library is at one end of Centenary square and the ICC the opposite end.

If you are arriving by car you can be dropped off alongside the theatre in King Alfred’s Place, which runs between the Rep and the ICC. King Alfred’s place is approached via Cambridge Street, behind the theatre.

There is an NCP car park to the side of the Rep, within 2 minutes walk of the main entrance. No charges apply to Blue badge holders and there are five designated disabled parking spaces.  Should this car park and the reserved spaces be full there is also a multi-storey on Brindley drive, five minutes walk from the theatre.

If you are taking the bus, please contact Travel Line on 0870 608 2608. Buses stop opposite the theatre on either side of Broad Street.

If you are arriving by train the theatre is a 20 to 30 minute walk from Moor Street, Snow Hill or the main New Street station

Alternatively, there are taxi ranks outside Snow Hill and New Street Stations.

The main entrance into the foyer of the theatre has a ramp leading up to it and has glass  doors which open automatically. As you enter the foyer please be aware that there are a number of white pillars to your left hand side. You need to turn left to enter the main section of the foyer.

The foyer also has a entrance from King Alfreds Place, which runs along the side of the theatre. This entrance is approached by a ramp and there are two sets of glass doors which open towards you.  The set on the right hand side as you approach are automatic. This brings you into the foyer at the opposite end to the main entrance, at the bar and cloakroom end.

The foyer is two storeys high; a white, open, airy space with a white marble floor. Posters of shows and photos from current and past productions line the walls. There are two staircases leading up to the next floor which is known as the Mezz level. A lift to the Mezz level is located at the far end of the foyer, opposite the main entrance.

If you do not already have your tickets it is recommended that you collect them from the box office at least half an hour before the performance. The Box Office is to the left of the foyer as you enter through the main doors. When approaching the counter please be aware that there is a freestanding rope barrier and the posts that support it. The counter is waist height. The Box Office opens at 10am and closes at 8pm when a show is on, or at 6pm when there is no show.

Near to the box office is a seating area with numerous tables and chairs. A long black leather cushioned bench runs against the wall, under a display of photos from recent shows.  Be aware of a pillar in the middle of the seating area.

Headsets can be collected from the cloakroom, where you may also leave coats and bags and also request any assistance you may need. The cloakroom opens an hour and a half before a show. As previously mentioned, it is located at the opposite end of the foyer to the main entrance, near to the entrance from King Alfreds Place. A returnable deposit of £5 will be required for headsets.

If you would like to listen to the introductory notes 15 minutes before the start of the performance, you should collect your headset in good time to take your seat.

The ladies’ toilets are located to the right of the box office counter. Please be aware that there is a pillar close to the entrance. The toilets are entered via two doors which open away from you.

The men’s toilets and the accessible toilets are to the left of the cloakroom counter. Once again, please be aware that there is a pillar close to the entrance. To enter the men’s toilets there are two doors the first of which opens away from you the second towards you. The accessible toilet only has one large door.

There are more toilets up on the mezzanine level, on either side of a central bar.

There is a Foyer Bar opposite the seating area in the foyer.  It serves a range of drinks and sweets. The bar is made out of shiny metal, the top of which is chest high. A waist high shelf runs along the length of the bar. This is open 1 hour before a show.

There is also a theatre bar and restaurant. The entrance is at the end of the foyer, facing the cloakroom.

There are six entrances to the auditorium – two in the foyer, two on up on the Mezz level, and two on the second floor. Entrance A is by the cloakroom, just past the men’s toilets and opposite the restaurant entrance. This entrance also leads to the studio space, which is called ‘The Door’. Staff will be available to direct you.

Entrance B is by the box office. These two entrances – A and B bring you into the auditorium near to the stage.

Entrances C and D are up on the Mezz level. There are two sets of stairs up to this level. One set of stairs are situated opposite the Box Office and the other set of stairs opposite the cloakroom. Entrances C and D on the Mezz level bring you out into the auditorium about halfway back.

Entrances E and F are on the second floor and bring you into the back of the auditorium. There are stairs from the Mezz level up to the second floor.

All entrances to the auditorium will be open around half an hour before the show and an attendant will be located at each door. All doors into the auditorium will be pinned open.

The auditorium is semi-circular and has 800 seats. It is modern in style. There is no balcony, circle or stalls – it is all one space, steeply tiered from row A back to row T.

The seats are dark green leather and wider than the standard. They are arranged in one block and fold up when not in use. The walls are dark blue with a silver metal handrail.  There are two aisles with steps either side of the seats with two steps per row.  Floor lights line the aisles.

Row L has extra leg room. There is room for eight wheelchairs, 3 either end of row D, and 1 either end of row L. Companions may sit next to wheelchair users.

Please note that this information has been supplied by the venue and although every effort has been made to check details, you may still have some queries. In this case, we would ask you to contact the theatre direct for clarification.