City Hall (1998-2002)

Audio-described architecture tour and workshop for the London Festival of Architecture 2010 led by Louise Fryer, with Architect David Kong from Foster + Partners who was involved in the development of City Hall, along with Rennie Kraus from the Mayor’s Office.

Located on the South Bank of the Thames, alongside the More London development, City Hall is one of the capital’s most symbolically important buildings.

Advancing themes explored earlier in the Reichstag, it expresses the transparency and accessibility of the democratic process, and demonstrates a sustainable, virtually non-polluting public building.

City Hall houses the assembly chamber for the twenty-five elected members of the London Assembly and the offices of the mayor and staff of the Greater London Authority.

Designed using advanced computer-modeling techniques, the building also represents a radical rethinking of architectural form.
It has no front or back in conventional terms. Rather, its shape is derived from a geometrically modified sphere, a shape that achieves optimum energy performance by minimizing the surface area exposed to direct sunlight. The building’s cooling systems utilize ground water pumped up via boreholes from the water table. These energy-saving techniques mean that chillers are not always required, and that for most of the year the building can function with no additional heating.

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