Harrogate Theatre

The address of Harrogate Theatre is: Oxford Street, Harrogate HG1 1QF


The entrance to the Theatre is on Oxford Street opposite Marks and Spencer’s food hall.

Oxford Street is a pedestrian street but it does open at 6pm for cars, though there are very few who use the road.


If arriving by car, after 6pm, when Oxford Street is open for cars, drop off is available directly outside. The entrance is between the Halifax and McDonald’s.  Drop off can also be made at the back of the Theatre, in the loading bay on Cheltenham Parade.


There are three disabled parking bays behind the Theatre on Cheltenham Parade.  There is level access to the auditorium at the back of the theatre opposite the loading bay.  A member from the patron’s party will need to inform the box office, at the front of the Theatre, that they need to access the level access entrance.


On street parking is sometimes available on Mount Parade and Commercial Street, which are both behind the Theatre just off Cheltenham parade and are also free after 6pm.

There is also Jubilee car park, approximately 160 metres from the theatre. This closes at 11pm, the address is –

Jubilee Car Park, Union Street, Harrogate HG1 1BW


The main bus station in Harrogate is 118 metres from the theatre. This is situated on Station Parade. There are no steps from the bus station. To get to the Theatre there is one street crossing, over Station Parade, at the bottom end of the bus station which crosses two lanes of traffic. It is quite a busy road but quietens after 6pm.  After that, it is a direct route to the theatre. All walkways are slabbed pavement.


Harrogate Train station has lines serving Leeds and York. This is situated approximately 160 metres up from the bus station. Walk to the bottom of the bus station. To get to the Theatre there is one street crossing, over Station Parade, at the bottom end of the bus station which crosses two lanes of traffic. It is quite a busy road but quietens after 6pm.  After that, it is a direct route to the theatre. All walkways are slabbed pavement.


The Theatre is able to call cabs for whoever may need one. There is a free taxi phone situated in the foyer of the theatre should people want to call one for themselves.


Harrogate Theatre has lights outside the front of the building. The building itself is four stories high and built from red brick. There is a canopy that reads ‘Harrogate Theatre’ in stained glass, and there is a large white rose on the floor outside of the front doors. The two main doors into the theatre are on level ground, and there are no steps in our foyer. The doors have a wooden base with glass panes in the upper portion of the door. The doors are pushed to open but there is an automatic button to the right on the wall. These doors are often propped open 15 minutes before the start of a show.


The box office is located on the left-hand side of the foyer when you come in through the front door.  Our foyer is on flat ground, and fully carpeted, and the walls have various displays of posters for upcoming shows. Above the poster boards is a Frieze which is made from plaster and has carvings that depict different genres of theatre. Above the front doors is a man holding an entire theatre in his hand. The foyer ceiling is painted a light pink with green squares and gold trim around the light fixtures. There is a small sweetshop in the corner of the foyer which sells ice creams, sweets and water on certain shows.


There are two leaflet racks in the foyer. For a show, these are pushed to the sides of the foyer, out of the way of patrons. There is music playing at background level throughout the building. The music may be slightly louder inside the auditorium. During the interval, all the front of house areas may get busy very quickly so the noise from the audience may be quite loud at this point.


Our volunteer ushers are situated on the front doors and also every door to the auditorium. They will be dressed in black with a Harrogate Theatre logo in teal on the upper left part of the shirt. They will also be wearing a teal coloured lanyard with Harrogate Theatre written in black.


There is no lift available in the theatre.


The toilets are located on the stalls level and the Circle level. To reach the Circle level, bar and toilets there are 21 steps. To reach the stalls bar and toilets, there is level access at the back of the building or 13 steps downstairs. The accessible toilet is on the stalls level and it is locked with a radar key. There is an usher on the door when the house opens 30 minutes before the show. If it is needed before that time, the box office can open it. There is a cloakroom available in the foyer at the sweet shop. This is free to use. If the sweet shop is not open, please ask at the box office.


The bars are located on the stalls level and the Circle level. Both bars serve a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well as tea and coffee. The theatre does not serve food but has crisps and chocolate available to buy.


The auditorium doors will open 30 minutes before the performance is due to start. The bars will open 1 hour before the performance is due to start.

Tickets, headsets, braille and large print cast lists are all available from the box office. There is no deposit for the headsets.


When you enter the auditorium, it may be slightly darker than the front of house areas. When the show starts, it will get much darker.


The auditorium is on three levels, Stalls, Dress Circle and Balcony. The seats in the stalls are raked, whereas Circle and balcony levels are tiered.

The auditorium holds 500 patrons at any one time.


To reach the Stalls from the foyer, there are 2 routes. The first is through a door next to the box office. There are 13 stairs to go down, at the bottom to the left are the toilets and bar. If you continue straight, you will find the access toilet, and the auditorium is through a door on the right. This will lead you to row F in the stalls on the low number side. The second option is to go through a double door in the far left-hand corner of the auditorium. This has 11 steps down, and you will then go through another double door. This brings you out at the back of the auditorium on the high numbers side. You can use either entrance to get to either side. The level access door can also be used, and this is situated at the back of the building. There is a small ramp to come down into the stalls that ends on Row G of the high numbers side.

The wheelchair spaces are at the back of the stalls on a raised platform on either side of the sound desk which is in the middle of the back of the stalls.


The Circle level has 21 steps up to it from the foyer. Once inside the circle, there are three doors you may be shown down. The first door leads to the low numbered seating, the second is the middle aisle and middle numbers, and the third door leads to the high numbered seating. Each aisle in the circle has several steps to go down to their rows as the seating is tiered. The middle aisle does not have a handrail.


The balcony is 44 steps up from the foyer and a further 25 down to seating. There are only two rows in the balcony and there is no exit on the high numbered side.


The Theatre is traditional proscenium arch. The seats are teal in colour and flip up when not in use. The walls are a deep red with cherub sculptures on the front of the circle.


Further information and Contact Details

Guide dogs can be looked after by Theatre staff, or they are also allowed in the auditorium – it is recommended to choose an aisle seat so there is more room and it is easier and safer to evacuate, if needed.  There are water bowls available from the duty manager, please ask any ushers for help if needed. This should be pre-arranged, through our box office which is open Monday to Saturday 10am until 5pm. Call 01423 502116.


The theatre uses an infrared system, where the audio description is transmitted via ‘radiators’ fixed around the auditorium, which send the signal to receivers worn by customers. Listeners are able to control the volume of the audio description with a dial on the receiver, and choose to receive either just the audio description, or a mixture of the audio description and some show sound. Receivers will be supplied by the theatre, and staff will demonstrate how to use them.


More information can be given by our box office on 01423 502116. They are open Monday – Saturday 10am until 5pm.