Lyceum Theatre

Access Information for the Lyceum Theatre, September 2021

The address of the Lyceum Theatre is, 21 Wellington Street, London WC2E 7RQ.

The Lyceum Theatre is situated on Wellington Street, just off the Strand at the junction of Aldwych and Lancaster Place, at the north side of Waterloo Bridge. The entrance to the theatre is opposite Christopher’s Restaurant (between Wellington Street and Exeter Street).

It is easiest to drop off customers by driving down Wellington Street to where it meets Exeter Street and then it is a few short steps to the Theatre. Cars are not allowed beyond that point, so it is not possible to stop directly outside the theatre’s main entrance on Wellington Street.

In close proximity to the theatre, there is one disabled bay on Tavistock Street. There is a limited number of parking bays on Wellington Street, which are free between 6.30pm and 8.30am. Outside of these hours there is a maximum waiting time of 4 hours, at a cost of £4.90 per hour (Monday to Saturday, from 8.30am to 6.30pm). Alternatively, the closest car park is the NCP located at Covent Garden, Parker Street, Parker Mews, London, WC2B 5NT. There is also the Q-Park, located at, 34-35 Bedfordbury, Charing Cross, London WC2N 4DU (ticketed holders are entitled to a 50% discount at Q-Park car parks via the Theatreland Parking Scheme. To qualify, present your Q-Park car park ticket for validation in the Theatre’s cloakroom)

The following bus services run along the Strand, around the corner from the theatre entrance – 6, 9, 11,13, 23, 87 and 139. Alight at the bus stop situated outside the Waldorf Hotel on the Aldwych, turn left and walk to the end of Wellington Street, where the Lyceum Theatre is located. The route is via a footpath, however users should take care upon reaching the bicycle crossing at the end of Wellington Street.

Charing Cross station is situated along the Strand, a ten minute walk from the theatre. Charing Cross is served by the Underground (Northern and Bakerloo lines), as well as overland services to Waterloo East, London Bridge, then into Surrey and Kent. Also within a ten minute walk are Covent Garden (Piccadilly Line), Embankment (District, Circle, Bakerloo & Northern lines), and Temple (District & Circle lines).

There’s a taxi rank located on the Aldwych, around the corner from the theatre. Black cabs pass along the Strand regularly.

The street surface outside the Theatre is smooth. The route via Covent Garden to get to the Theatre has outdoor seating, cobbled pavements and also is very busy with tourists. The Strand which is the street just off from the theatre is a loud and busy road. There are barriers that surround the Theatre but there are many members of security that will help and guide any visually impaired guests through the correct entrance.

The theatre box office is through a separate entrance to the right of the main doors of the theatre. There’s one flight of steps up, and then a set of double doors which open away from you.

The main entrance itself consists of five double doors with glass panels which open towards you. There are steps up to these doors. As Wellington Street is on a hill, the number of steps become greater as the street becomes lower. The left hand doors have one step up, rising to five steps at the furthest right hand doors. Once through these doors you are in the main foyer, with access to the Stalls, the Royal circle and the upper foyer.

Wheelchair users, upon arrival, should advise a member of staff and make their way to the accessible entrance on Wellington Street, which is located to the left-hand side of the theatre entrance (if you are looking facing the theatre). This is completely step-free from the outside of the theatre into the auditorium down a gentle slope. There will be an Access Host at this entrance who will show the guest down to their seats. If the wheelchair user is transferring, the Access Host will store their wheelchair during the show and return it at the end of the performance and also in the interval (if required).

Front of House staff wear white shirts, black waistcoats, and black and white striped ties. Security staff are in black suits and theatre management in smart office wear with visible red name badges.

All tickets are now sent via email unless collection has been pre-arranged with the box office. The box office is located to the right-hand side of the theatre (if facing the theatre). There is a small flight of stairs to reach the box office but a member of staff will happily retrieve the tickets for a guest if they cannot manage the stairs. The Braille and large print programmes are available for the guests to collect in the Ambassador Lounge at the end of the Touch Tour. Any that are left over from this may be available at the box office upon collection. Audio Described headsets will be available in the foyer cloakroom upon arrival.

If you would like to listen to the introductory notes fifteen minutes before the start of the performance, you should collect your headset in good time to take your seat.

To get to the stalls bar and the stalls auditorium, there are two entrances to the left and right of the main foyer. The left hand entrance is down a few steps followed by a ramp and heads toward seats with high numbers. The right hand entrance is down two short flights of steps towards low numbered seats.

There’s a cloakroom in the main foyer, to the right, with a confectionary kiosk to the left. There’s also a shop selling show merchandise at the top of the main staircase.

Toilets are situated inside the auditorium on each level. In the Stalls there are additional toilets inside the bar. There are accessible toilets located between the flat access entrance and the Stalls auditorium. These toilets have coded doors. Please contact a member of staff if you wish to use them. There are a few steps to reach any of the other toilets. There are a ladies and a gents in the Grand Circle which won’t open until the auditorium opens (at 1.45pm). The disabled facilities and also Stalls Gents toilets will open from 1pm. The Royal Circle toilets (ladies and gents) and Stalls ladies will also open at 1.45pm.

Access to the Royal Circle auditorium is from the main foyer, up two flights of stairs. Access to the Grand Circle auditorium is from street level, entering through a door to the right of the box office entrance. The route to the Grand Circle is via 84 steps. A lift to the Royal and Grand Circle is available, entering the building via a key-coded door on Exeter Street. Please inform a member of theatre staff if you wish to use this facility.

The auditorium seats over 2,200 people and has a distinctive red decor. For every level there is an entrance at the back of the auditorium. The Stalls and Grand Circle have four aisles, one at each side of the auditorium, and two in the middle, separating the Stalls seating into three blocks. The Royal Circle has three aisles (one central). The Stalls auditorium slopes down slightly towards the stage. The seats flip up to enable easy access when unoccupied. The row letters are located on the side of the aisle seats, the seat numbers are engraved onto the middle of the flip-down part of the seat. The positions for wheelchair users are situated in Row ZA.

Please note that this information has been supplied by the venue and although every effort has been made to check details, you may still have some queries. In this case, we would ask you to contact the theatre direct for clarification.

Covid-19 Status

To ensure the continued safety of visitors and staff, currently, everyone over the age of 18 attending the Lyceum Theatre will be required to provide proof of their COVID-19 status to gain entry to the venue.  This means either a COVID Pass via NHS app or NHS website or an NHS letter, e-mail or text message indicating that you are fully vaccinated, have a negative lateral flow or PCR test within the 48 hours prior to attendance or natural immunity. More information is available online at


Useful information and contact numbers

At the Lyceum Theatre Guide dogs are welcome inside the Stalls auditorium, or can be looked after during the performance by the theatre staff. There is no need to pre book, though customers intending to bring a guide dog should contact the theatre direct and should request an outer aisle seat in the Stalls. The inner aisles are unsuitable for guide dogs. Customers are requested to bring anything their guide dog needs with them. Customers are welcome to contact the theatre direct on 0207 420 8114 with any queries.

The theatre uses an infrared system, where the audio description is transmitted via ‘radiators’ fixed around the auditorium, which send the signal to receivers worn by customers. Listeners are able to control the volume of the audio description with a dial on the receiver, and choose to receive either the audio description alone, or a mixture of the audio description and some show sound. Receivers will be supplied by the theatre, and the staff will demonstrate how to use them.

The Lyceum is also fitted with the MobileConnect system. This operates over Wi-fi, and is received using an App on either iPods, iPhones or Android smartphones.  If you would like to use this rather than an infrared receiver, please download the app and bring your own iPhone or Android smartphone (it is important to keep the App updated to ensure that it works effectively).

Please also remember to bring your own headphones and ensure your device’s battery is topped up, or you might want to consider bringing a battery bank.  If you do pull out headphones from a device running MobileConnect, the app will stop relaying sound so as not to disturb the performance; after you have re-inserted your headphones the audio description will have then to be restarted. Theatre staff can demonstrate how to use the MobileConnect app and help with any queries.