Lyric Hammersmith

Welcome to this Vocaleyes introduction to the Lyric Theatre Hammersmith.

The information about the Lyric is arranged in four sections as follows:

Section 1 – Lyric Theatre Hammersmith and how to get there
Section 2 – picking up tickets and headsets
Section 3 – the Theatre auditorium
Section 4 – useful information and contact numbers

The following information is supplied by the venue and although every effort is made to check details in advance, there may still be things you find unclear. In this case, we would ask you to phone the theatre direct for clarification. The number to phone is given in Section Four.

SECTION 1 – Lyric Theatre Hammersmith and how to get there

The Lyric is situated on the Northwest corner of Lyric Square, which lies between King Street and Beadon Road in Hammersmith, West London.
The Lyric is easily accessible from Hammersmith tube and bus stations; from the Hammersmith & City line, turn right out of the station and continue along Beadon Road for approximately 200m, where you will find a zebra crossing leading to Lyric Square. The Lyric is on your right hand side immediately you enter Lyric Square.
From the District & Piccadilly lines, turn right out of the station into the Broadway Shopping Centre and walk through until you reach the exit. Cross at the traffic lights outside the Broadway Centre and follow King Street, alongside the William Morris pub and Pret a Manger, for approximately 200m, where you will find Lyric Square. The Lyric is in the diagonally opposite corner of the Square.
From the bus station, take the lifts or escalators to ground floor level then proceed through the Broadway Centre, as before.
If you are arriving by car, the nearest car park is on Glenthorne Road and is situated immediately behind the theatre. Blue badge parking is available on level 6 of the car park and there is a walkway from there to the Lyric, entering the building on the second floor. Please note that the walkways are locked at 8.30pm when the shopping centre closes. To return to your vehicle after this time, leave the theatre by the main exit onto Lyric Square and turn left, go left along Beadon Road, towards Glenthorne Road – a distance of approximately 150 metres. Access to the car park is then on your left – this is the car park’s exit road. A pay station and lifts are available on the ground floor.
The main entrance to the theatre consists of glass walls with automatic sliding doors. The entrance is adjacent to Café Brera, the theatre’s café, on the left.

SECTION TWO – Picking up tickets and headsets

The main entrance to the theatre has grey floors and white walls; the Ticket Office is directly facing you as you enter the building. There is a lift to the right of the ticket office and stairs by the main entrance doors, both of which can be taken to the second floor, which is where the Main foyer is situated. There are 18 steps from the main entrance to the first floor, bearing left as you go up, followed by a further 19 steps to the Main Foyer. The lift serves all of these levels.
Both the stairs and lifts bring you to a corridor that leads to the Main Foyer. As you enter the Main Foyer, there is a slope leading downwards, past the cloakroom on the right, into the bar and seating areas. Headsets and large print or Braille cast lists can be collected from the cloakroom. In addition to the free-of-charge large print and Braille cast lists produced by Vocaleyes, the Lyric also produces large print versions of the full programme, usually priced at £3. If you wish to purchase one of these, please ask a member of staff.
There are toilets on every level and accessible toilets on the ground floor, in Café Brera. There are also accessible toilets on the first floor, in the Main Foyer on the second Floor and on the stalls level above.

SECTION THREE – The Theatre Auditorium

The theatre was originally built in 1895 and the auditorium is decorated in a traditional Victorian style, with 550 seats arranged on three levels – stalls, circle and upper circle. The seats are of a standard tip-up style and are upholstered in a bright red, co-ordinating with the red and gold of the décor. From the Main Foyer to Stalls level there are 33 steps, then a further 26 steps from Stalls to Circle and a further 26 steps from Circle to Upper Circle.
Alternatively there are lifts from the Main Foyer to all of these levels, situated in the corner of the foyer, opposite the bar. From the lifts, follow the corridor, which leads to the left, until you reach the entrance to the auditorium. Some entrances to the auditorium have a few steps, whilst others have level access.
On all three levels the seating is arranged in one block. In the stalls the floor slopes down towards the stage. In the circle there are two steps between each row of seating apart from row A and the boxes which have three steps down to them. In the upper circle there are four steps between each row of seating.

SECTION FOUR – Useful information and contact numbers


Guide dogs are welcome throughout the theatre. If you have not already done so, please advise the Ticket Office if you will be bringing your guide dog with you. If you wish to take your dog into the auditorium, check with the Ticket Office that your seats will be suitable for this. Generally speaking, customers bringing their dogs into the auditorium sit in an aisle seat, in a box, or on the front row. Alternatively, dogs can be looked after by a member of staff by prior arrangement.

The Box Office is open from 9.30am to 5.30pm, or till 7 pm on performance nights. After 7 pm, the Ticket Office is open for on-the-door sales and collections for that evening’s performance only.

The building is closed on Sundays, unless there is a performance.


If you have any queries please call the Box Office on 020 8741 6850.


This is the end of the visit information. We do hope you enjoy your visit to the Lyric Theatre Hammersmith.