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Access Information for Park Theatre

Park Theatre is a short walk from Finsbury Park station. The theatre is opposite a life-size fake cow outside a butchers on Clifton Terrace and next door to My Cottage Café. The address is 11 Clifton Terrace, Finsbury Park, N4 3JP.

If you are arriving by car, there may be spaces available on Clifton Terrace, alternatively you can be dropped off on Morris Place, a side road opposite the theatre. Please be aware there is a bus station just down the road so there are often double decker buses using both of these roads, making them very busy.
Unfortunately there is no designated parking nearby, residential parking restrictions may apply, costs will vary depending on which day of the week and time of day you are visiting. There are single yellow line areas on Morris Place where blue badges can be used for up to three hours.

Taxis can drop off and pick up outside the theatre. The closest taxi company is Capital Cars – their number is 020 7272 2612.

If you are arriving by national rail or London underground, the nearest station is Finsbury Park which is just a few minutes walk away and served by the Victoria & Piccadilly lines. Finsbury Park is also an overground station and is served by the following buses: 4 – 19 – 29 – 106 – 153 – 210 – 236 – 253 – 254 – 259 – N19 – N29 – N253 – N279 – W3 – W7. Please note that the Wells Terrace Exit to Finsbury Park Station has recently been closed for works. You will therefore need to use the Station Place exit to reach the theatre. Turn left into the bus station area and walk straight ahead until the pavement ends and then turn left on to Stroud Green Road under the bridge. Continue along Stroud Green Road across a wide road, past a car wash on your left. Take the first left onto Morris Place, reach the end of the road and the theatre is across the road slightly to your right. If you would like to use a pedestrian crossing, turn left and you will find a zebra crossing. After crossing this please turn right. The theatre is the third building along.

The closest bus stop is on Clifton Terrace, a short distance from the theatre, on the opposite side of the road. You can catch buses 210, W3 and W7 to this stop, which is their final destination and will be announced as ‘Finsbury Park Station’.

When coming to the theatre from this stop, alight and turn towards the back of the bus, walk forwards a short distance and you will find a zebra crossing. Once you have crossed the road, turn right past several cafes or restaurants with outdoor seating. Park Theatre is the third building along. It is a new building that opened in 2013. It has windows across the front, with a jutting first floor that overhangs the ground floor façade. The theatre also may have outdoor seating if it isn’t raining!
There are no steps at the entrance of Park Theatre. The entrance doors are set in from the building line. These are glass, double doors that may be open in the summer, but do not routinely stand open for performances. They are push and pull doors, opening both towards you and away from you. Apart from separate fire exits, this is the only entrance and exit to the building.

Park Theatre occupies 5 floors as follows: lower ground, ground, upper ground, 1st floor and 2nd floor. All floors are accessible by stairs and lift.

Park Theatre has two theatre spaces. A studio theatre, called Park90 and the main auditorium, called Park200.

The Ground floor of Park Theatre is a high ceilinged café and bar space with wooden furniture and bar front, red RSJs and a modern design exposing the original architecture. There are lighting features spelling out words in ‘showbiz’ style light bulbs around the building e.g. the word ‘PARK’ behind the bar. The floor surface is concrete.

On your right as you come through the doors please be aware that there will be a small table with jugs of water and milk, sugar packets and various self-service materials for hot drinks. There will also be a dog bowl on the floor by this table. Park Theatre is dog friendly, so please do not be surprised by the presence of other people’s pets. Please feel welcome to bring your guide dog if you have one. More information about bringing your dog is contained in the useful information section.

To pick up your tickets, the Box Office counter is to your left as you enter the building, a few paces ahead of you. This counter is open from 1pm Monday to Saturday. This area can become very busy before shows. You can also pick up your tickets from the bar tills whilst ordering your drinks. The bar is immediately to the right of and juts out slightly from the Box Office counter. Please be aware that the curved end of the bar to the right of the Box Office is a cake and pastry display area. The bar runs along the left hand wall of the room with the entrance door behind you.

If you have received an E ticket you can show the ushers a screenshot of this or the email itself on your phone (or a print out) and you will be permitted entrance to the auditorium. You do not need to pick up a physical ticket.

To collect your headset or Large Print or Braille cast list, or if you have any questions about the audio description, on the day of our audio described performances there will be a headset station located directly to the left of the Box Office counter. Our staff will be happy to help with any assistance or answer any questions you may have. They are also able to help you back to the bus-stop or Finsbury Park station at the end of the performance.

There are chairs and tables on the opposite side of the space from the bar, running along the right hand wall of the room with the entrance door behind you.

Park Theatre’s Café and Bar space is a friendly local space usually occupied by lots of people having a coffee and working on their laptops. There is also additional seating on the 2nd floor.
At the end of the Café and Bar space, directly ahead of you as you enter is a wide, single flight of stairs leading down with a hand rail on both sides. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, ahead of you is the stalls entrance to Park200 and an accessible toilet ahead of you and to the right.

To the right of the staircase that leads down, there is another single flight of stairs with a hand rail on both sides, leading up to a landing to the left. At the end of this landing, the entrance to the circle level of Park200 is on your right. There is also a corridor leading to Park 90 on your right, and opposite that, on your left, a single flight of stairs with a hand rail on both sides leading up to the upper bar, another accessible toilet, men’s and women’s toilets. The Morris Space is up a further single flight of stairs directly above the first staircase from ground level to the circle level.
On the lower ground floor, as well as the entrances to the Park200 Stalls you will also find an accessible toilet, and a small seating area. Art exhibits are sometimes displayed in the lower corridor on this level.
The Upper Ground Floor allows you to reach, the Park200 circle entrances, the Park90 entrance, offices, and the upper corridor which is also used for art exhibitions.
The First Floor contains the Upper bar seating area, an accessible toilet, men’s and women’s toilets and a window seating area. On the Second Floor you’ll find offices and the Morris Space – a rehearsal room that is available for hire.


Four entrances lead into the Park200 auditorium. At stalls level, on the lower ground floor, you will enter via the back-left or back-right corner of the auditorium on the same level as the stage. At circle level, on Upper ground, you will enter either via the back-left or back-right corner of the auditorium, this time higher than the stage with the action below you.

The theatre is usually in a thrust configuration meaning the stage sticks out beyond the proscenium arch towards the seating area. For some shows there may be extra seating inserted to create an ‘in-the-round’ configuration.

The theatre design is stripped back and simple. The seating is black, the walls are grey, the structure of the building is exposed, and sometimes this surface level architecture is masked by the set and dressing for a particular production. The house lights are strips of LED along the circle in varying colours depending on the lighting design. The theatre seats up to 200 people. The stalls seating area contains banks of bench seating. Those to the left and right of the stage have 3 benches each of 9-13 seats. The central seating block consists of 5 rows of 10-20 seats. The benches further back are longer.The rows are raked, so the back row of each seating bank is on the same level as the entrance, and there is a step down for each consequent row up until the front row. On the front row, the stage is directly in front of you at around knee level. Please refrain from resting on or touching the surface of the stage.


Park90 has just one entrance. It is a flexible space, so the area of the auditorium you enteri will vary from show to show. The room is shaped like a cube with a gantry running along two sides of the space on a raised level. Park90 can seat between 75 and 90 people. You will have the opportunity to find out more about the auditorium and the set during the Touch Tour before an audio-described performance.

Useful Information and Contact Numbers

Park Theatre is dog friendly and welcomes your guide dog if you use one. They will be able to accommodate your dog during the show if needs be, but please let them know well in advance so they can ensure that they have the staff available. Park Theatre allows guide dogs in the auditorium although you will need to be assigned an aisle seat. if you would like to bring your dog into the auditorium with you, please be sure to contact the theatre before you book, email [email protected] and/or call 020 7870 6876 and select Option 3 for theatre administration. Their phone lines can be quite busy so if you do not receive an answer please leave a message and they will get back to you as soon as they can. The same contact details can be used for any further questions you may have.

Please note that this information has been supplied by the venue and although every effort has been made to check details, you may still have some queries. In this case, we would ask you to contact the theatre direct for clarification.