Unicorn Theatre

Access information for the Unicorn Theatre

The Unicorn Theatre is at 147 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2HZ. The Theatre is about 600 metres from London Bridge Station, approximately a 5-10 minute walk.


If you are arriving by car, you can be dropped off on Tooley Street in front of the Theatre. There is no parking at the Theatre. There is however an NCP car park, called Snowsfields, at the junction of Snowsfields and Kipling Street, about a 10 minute walk from the Theatre. There are four spaces for disabled badge holders at this car park but there is no reduction in the hourly rate. There are also some parking bays along Tooley Street providing parking for disabled badge holders – please note that these bays are very limited.


If you are arriving by bus, numbers 47, 343 and the 381 stop on Tooley Street. The closest bus stop is called ‘City Hall’. A number of buses also go to London Bridge station.


If you are arriving by train or underground, the closest station is London Bridge. It is served by National Rail as well as the Jubilee line and the Northern Line (Bank branch) of the underground.


The route from London Bridge station to the Unicorn Theatre is step-free, with a number of pedestrian crossing points between London Bridge and the Theatre. All crossing points are marked with tactile paving and spinning cone indicators.


From the station, leave by the Tooley Street / Duke Street Hill Exit, turn right and walk down Tooley Street past the London Dungeon, when you reach the first pedestrian crossing cross over to the other side of the road.


Continuing along Tooley Street, you will pass Hay’s Galleria and then Battlebridge Lane. Again there are levelled kerbs and tactile paving at the crossings, continue past More London Place, which is an open pedestrian area and then pass the Hilton Hotel, crossing its semi-circular driveway, both the entrance and exit to this driveway are marked with tactile paving.


After the Hilton Hotel cross Morgan’s Lane, which has lowered curbs with tactile paving. Continue across Braidwood Street, which is a wide entrance to a private underground car park. There is no tactile paving at this crossing and there is variable kerb height.


Continue past a large office building until you reach a pedestrian passageway, called Unicorn Passage. The Unicorn Theatre is just the other side of Unicorn Passage, on the left. The theatre building has a large glass and steel exterior. The main entrance can be approached by steps from Tooley Street or a ramp that goes up, around the steps.


The entrance consists of two automatic glass doors separated by a glass vestibule. Once through the first doors, turn left to walk along the vestibule. At the other end of the vestibule the second door is on the right. Step through this door and you are in the theatre foyer.


Inside the Unicorn Theatre, the foyer is a large L-shaped area. It’s very light as most of the walls are made of glass. The ceiling is high and the floor is paved, so it is likely to be quite noisy.


With your back to the automatic entrance doors, there’s a Box Office on the left. The Theatre’s main staircase is ahead of you, slightly to the right. The Unicornershop café is located further to the right and behind the staircase. Just to the left of the Unicornershop is the lift to all public areas of the Theatre. The lift has voice announcements at every floor and tactile controls.


There are toilets, including an accessible toilet, in the basement (which is called “Level minus one” in the lift).


At the Unicorn there are two theatre spaces – the Weston Theatre and the smaller Clore Theatre. Doors into the Clore Theatre are in the foyer, next to the Box Office area. The Clore seats approximately 100 people. It’s a studio theatre – a square room with walls painted black. The seating is flexible, and the layout of the theatre changes for most productions.


The entrance to the Weston Theatre is on the 3rd floor. From the lift, walk diagonally to your right, and ahead of you is a slope leading down to the doors to the auditorium.


If you use the stairs, there are hand-rails on both sides, including a rail at a lower height for children. On the first floor is the Caryl Jenner Balcony. This is used as a Baby feeding area and play area. The stairs are split by this area so you have to walk across to the right to continue up the stairs. The second floor has the ladies and an accessible toilet. The men’s toilets are on the third floor.


When you reach the third floor, turn immediately to your left and walk ahead. The sloping passage will be on your left.


At the end of the slope are double doors into a vestibule, where the flooring changes to carpet. A second set of double doors, immediately on the right, lead into the auditorium. The doors are at the back of the auditorium on the side, with the stage to the right. The seats are in a horseshoe shape and the rows step steeply down towards the stage. The seating is bright blue cushioned benches.


Just to the right of the door are stairs leading to the lower rows of seats. A walkway runs around the back of the auditorium to equivalent stairs on the other side. The Theatre seats about 300 people. Seating is unreserved so you can pick where to sit. There are wheelchair spaces in the front and back rows. The Unicorn is a modern theatre with no theatre curtains and no proscenium arch.


For Audio Described performances there will be a trained staff member front of house who will be on hand to greet you and to ensure you have all the information you need. The access assistant will be present for your entire theatre trip. Audio Described performances have designated seats. Your headset will be given to you by an usher before you enter the auditorium.


Please note that this information has been provided by the theatre and you may still have some queries. In this case, we would ask you to contact the theatre directly for clarification. Please contact the Box Office at [email protected] or 020 7645 0560 (phone lines are open Monday – Saturday 9.30am – 6pm and on Sundays when there is a show).


Further Information and Contact Details

Guide dogs are welcome throughout the Unicorn Theatre. They can be looked after by a member of staff during the performance. Please tell the box office in advance if you will be bringing a guide dog. You can contact the Box Office team on 020 7645 0560 or [email protected].


The theatre uses an infrared system for audio description. The audio description is transmitted via ‘radiators’ fixed around the auditorium, which send the signal to receivers worn by customers. Listeners are able to control the volume of the audio description with a dial on the receiver, and choose to receive either just the audio description, or a mixture of the audio description and some show sound. Receivers will be supplied by the theatre, and staff will demonstrate how to use them.