Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

Access information for Wolverhampton Grand Theatre


The address of Wolverhampton Grand Theatre is Lichfield Street, Wolverhampton WV1 1DE. It’s situated in the north east part of Wolverhampton City Centre. The Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Light House Media Centre, Art Gallery and Museum are also close by.


The Theatre is a three minute walk from Wolverhampton Rail Station. The main bus station is a minute away.


Car parks are situated at Broad Street, Piper’s Row, Fryer Street and Railway Street. There is also the Virgin Trains Car Park at the Station.


There is a parking bay in Lichfield Street, just beyond the theatre. This is for set down and pick up only.


The Theatre has a large canopy on the street, with five large wooden entrance doors, three of which are at street level with flat access to the theatre. The other two have a small step. All doors are attended by a member of the security team.


As you enter the building into the foyer, the floor is flat and level with no steps in the bar area or Box Office. There are seating areas available to the left and right of the entrance. There are stairs to Dress and Grand Circle levels to the left of the entrance, and a lift to the right. The Box Office is to the right as you enter the building and will be open for ticket collection.


The theatre is open from 12pm on performance days. The auditorium doors open 30 minutes before the performance is due to start.

Toilets are located on every level of the theatre. There are toilets in the basement level, down the stairs to the left of the entrance or on level minus 1 in the lift. There is an accessible toilet to the right of the front doors in the foyer. Toilets are also located to the left of the bar area on Dress Circle and Grand Circle.


The theatre has three levels: Stalls, Dress Circle and Grand Circle. There is a lift to each level.


Each level of the auditorium has two entrance doors. Tickets with numbers between 1 – 21 will need to use the door on the right, and tickets with numbers above 21 will need to use the door on the left.

The auditorium is decorated with red carpet and beautiful gold detailing on the walls and ceiling. A large, golden chandelier hangs from the centre of the ceiling. Seats are lettered and numbered and slowly flip up.


There are nine wheelchair positions throughout the auditorium, with a lift and accessible toilet on each level. Wheelchairs positions can be found in the centre of the stalls, either side of Row B, Row Q and Row P on the side blocks. The Dress Circle has two wheelchair positions on either side of the auditorium on Row D and Grand Circle has one position at the very top on Row M.


The Stalls have two entrances at the back of the auditorium, level with Row R, situated to the right and left of the front doors, with aisles down either side of the central block of seats. There are also blocks of seating on both sides. When entering the Stalls auditorium, an usher will check your ticket and show you to your seats if required. The floor of the auditorium has a gentle slope downwards as the seats are slightly raked.

The Dress Circle is a horse-shoe shape and has two entrances at the back on both sides of the auditorium. There are a varying number of stairs on each level of the Dress Circle, and for more information about access to your seat you can contact the Box Office.

The Grand Circle is also a horse-shoe shape and has four entrances into the auditorium; two on either side at the bottom in line with Row B, and two at the top of the auditorium in line with Row M. These entrances can be accessed by stairs or lift. When sitting in the Grand Circle, a member of the security team can recommend the best door to use on arrival, depending on your tickets.


There is a bar that serves drinks and snacks, approximately three metres in front of the entrance doors to the Theatre. You can also pre-order drinks to avoid queuing during the interval. There is a wooden partition in front of the bar to the left, approximately two metres away from the Theatre entrance.

There is a smaller bar in the Theatre’s Encore Lounge to the left of the foyer bar, which sells merchandise, bottled drinks and snacks. There is also seating in this area.


There is a bar in the Dress Circle, to the left at the top of the staircase, which sells drinks and snacks, and a kiosk on the left a little further across the bar area, selling merchandise, snacks and bottled drinks.


The Grand Circle has a bar to the left at the top of the stairs, selling bottled drinks and spirits but no draught. There is also a kiosk selling snacks and merchandise on the right as you get to the top of the stairs.


You can collect headsets from the Box Office. A £5 deposit will be required. Braille and large print cast lists can also be found at the Box Office. Staff will be able to direct you. If you would like to listen to the introductory notes 15 minutes before the start of the performance, you should collect your headsets in good time to take your seat.


Please note that this information has been provided by the theatre, if you still have some queries we would ask you to contact the theatre direct for clarification. You can contact the Access & Operations Manager, Remy Lloyd by phone on 01902 57 33 20 or via email on [email protected] The Box Office number is 01902 42 92 12. Further information is also available on the theatre’s website: www.grandtheatre.co.uk.


Further Information and Contact Details


For information about Guide dogs at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, please contact Access & Operations Manager, Remy Lloyd by phone on 01902 57 33 20 or via email on [email protected] in advance.


Assistance dogs are welcome in the auditorium; however they will remain the sole responsibility of the owners during the entire visit. Please inform the Box Office that you will be bringing your dog with you when booking tickets so they can recommend suitable seating. A member of the Front of House team will organise a water bowl for your dog on arrival.


If suitable seating is not available in the auditorium for you and your dog, or you do not want your dog to remain in the auditorium during the show, we can arrange a verified volunteer to look after your dog on the premises during your visit.


The Theatre uses both radio and MobileConnect systems for audio description.


For the radio system, the radio signal is transmitted across the whole auditorium. Receivers, either stethoscope models, or belt-pack models with separate headphones, will be supplied by the theatre and staff will demonstrate how to use them. You may want to bring your own headphones and request a belt-pack receiver.


The MobileConnect system operates over Wi-fi, and is received using an App on either iPods, iPhones or Android smartphones. The theatre will supply iPods to receive the audio description, but it is also possible to use your own iPhone or Android smartphone, as long as the App has been downloaded (it is important to keep the App updated to ensure that it works effectively).


Please remember to bring your own headphones and ensure your device’s battery is topped up, you might want to consider bringing a battery pack. It is also possible to use your own headphones with the iPods supplied by the Theatre. If you do pull out headphones from a device running MobileConnect, the app will stop relaying sound so as to not disturb the performance, after you have re-inserted your own headphones the audio description will then have to be restarted. Theatre staff will demonstrate how to use both the iPod and the MobileConnect app and help with any queries.